Describing The Meaning Of Code

This is my original idea. Basically, we have 3 stages towards artificial intelligence.

• Stage 1 Describe and process, both code and meaning.
• Stage 2 Make a system to transform meaning into code.
• Stage 3 Make the code transform itself meaningfully.

Once we complete these 3 stages, we have AI.

So, the first goal was to describe both code, and natural-language, in the same language. A bit like this:

function ShockXYZ (|vec3|) { /#this~function makes (the~character vibrate (on:screen))#/ || B = .bounceshock if (B > 0) { || H = game.view.CameraRight H *= math.saw(game.cycle(5))*(0.12*B) return H } }

You can see code, but also you can see this: /#this~function makes (the~character vibrate (on:screen))#/ which is a description of the meaning of the code!

At the start, I believed going all the way, was possible! However, 7 years have changed my mind. Now I think AI like this is possible in the same way that "world peace" is possible or "not destroying the environment" is possible. Stage_1 can exist here but the existence of stage_2 is blocked by society.

Stage_2 requires agreeing on "the truth about reality and everything", and would need thousands of people to create. But humans have deeply held agendas that prevent each other's truths from being integrated. Back when I started, I didn't realise this was a deal-breaker.

However, Jeebox still has a lot of potential uses, and because Jeebox is only stage_1 it can exist within our current society. Jeebox can be used for translation, or anything involving "knowledge representation". And who knows, perhaps someday society changes to become peaceful and restore nature... If that ever happens, my idea of stage_2 of AI will have a way forward.

I'm just laying out the terms that stage_2 would need in order to exist. I'm not talking about if "society changing" is possible or if it's a ridiculous idea or a dead-certain idea or anything like that. Me wanting it is "out of the scope" of this discussion.

For now I want to move into video-game development and only do Jeebox stuff "on the side".