The Values Used To Create Jeebox

Jeebox was considered from many angles at once. Here is a list of most of them:

• Making sure the entire language fits together, while containing a large number of features
• Removing ambiguities
• Being extensible
• Making sure the entire thing looks nice to the human eye
• Being able to represent natural-language, and in a way that reads naturally to English speakers
• Being familiar to coders
• Being minimal in expressing code
• Handling unicode properly. (All names can be Unicode. Allows numeric Unicode characters in strings.)
• Naturally representing a large variety of concepts, used in multiple programming languages. (C bitshifts, Obj-C named parameters, PHP error ignoring, etc)
• Adding a few cool programming concepts of my own, like "case sensitive, or insensitive operators".
• Containing all the best practices I've encountered in programming languages (such as allowing embedded values in strings)
• Improving on those best practices (such as making comments end lines)
• Being able to be embedded in XML, and have the entire document parsed by Jeebox.
• Creating a standard XML export format, and a standard "list" format (Like on the AST page).
• Being easy to use in a compiler (I've tested it by writing a compiler around Jeebox.)
• Being easy to use for natural-language (tested by writing a translation program.)
• Having a fast and easy API to work with the AST.
• Reliable. Jeebox has self-tests built in.
• Being "pretty on the inside". Jeebox's original source, although you can't see it, is very well made. Easy for me to understand, fix or improve.
• And more... I can't list all the angles I've viewed Jeebox from...

Endless loving care was given to the design of Jeebox.

It's been a multi-year project, and I think the effort and single-minded focus of just one guy making his visions and values come real, pays off. Unlike most languages (C++ / Perl), this is not a language where you ask yourself "What the hell were they thinking???"

It's a big goal, but it is my goal. Honestly... Jeebox was designed with one overall goal.

"Be the best, at everything... All at once."

I think I've acheived it.