Jeebox Is Private Now!

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Jeebox has been made private for now! Until I can get support (payment + a community) for working on something open source... it makes sense I develop a closed-source product instead. After 6 months of making the source publically available, I got zero users or real interest.

The only way to get Jeebox used, that I can see, is to make a commercial product based on Jeebox. But, I can't do that if the source is open.

I'd actually prefer Jeebox be open source, but its not possible if I have no money, no job, and no way to make money from jeebox, meanwhile everyone else is getting rich while ignoring me. Open-sourcing Jeebox in that situation does not make sense or add up.

If a company wants to sponsor open-source development of Jeebox, I am open to open-sourcing it again.

I may however make an online web-based demo in the future. After 6 months of Jeebox on github, I don't think anyone actually compiled and ran the demos. So... an online web-based demo probably makes more sense anyhow.

• Download (gone for now)

Old build-instructions just to show how easy it was to make:

cd /path/to/jeebox-master cmake -B Build; cd Build; sudo make install