What Happened To The Release?

So... releasing Jeebox weighed heavily on my mind.

I had to consider all sorts of different issues.

In the end... it seemed the weight of all sheer number of issues I had to consider... was too much. I was happier just not releasing Jeebox.

Jeebox has become a "personal project".

I made the decision not to release... public on 28th Dec 2014...

However this isn't a bad thing. By focussing solely on what I need, I can spend more time on it. Progress is faster because of this.

Current work (2017): Well... in order for an AI to imagine the world, it needs a simulation of the world, including understanding 3D space. So that gave me motivation to work on a 3D "Game engine".

I'm working on that now. This in addition to using Jeebox to describe it's own code, and a time-based technology to feel energy...

• a game-engine for physics
• jeebox for concepts
• my time-engine for energy

All three engines together... should be enough for an AI to really work.

It's going to be a huge journey. I basically climbed one mountain (the creation of Jeebox)... and realised... I now need to go down, and climb another mountain. But at least then... whatever magical item I found on the first mountain, I can put into the right place... on the second mountain.

It's something like that.

(Maybe I need to climb three mountains, I'm not sure. Time-based energy-technology doesn't seem the same as a game-engine...)

Small steps first. I guess I will work on some games first, in my own programming language that is based on Jeebox.

Like XML is used for many things, so jeebox can be used for anything, but I'm only using it for a programming language right now... eventually I want to use Jeebox for many more things. But right now I personally have no other uses for Jeebox.

Later I will want to store data-files in Jeebox (like to describe a game-level), and stories in Jeebox (to script events in a game?)... and maybe even conceptual stuff... We'll see... but certainly games DO need a lot of descriptive abilities, so I will have more and more need for Jeebox outside of "just code", over time.

As for using Jeebox to meaningfully describe code in terms of English, it's absolutely do-able on the description side of things, but without an engine to make use of it, there is no point. It's like making rail-tracks with no trains.

Making a technology to work with code in terms of human-concepts is such a big thing, that it needs many people to work on. I simply cannot do it alone. That's a bit of a problem seeing as I never found anyone who wants to help me, and actually believes in me. But for the moment, I still have work to do alone, so that's OK. I can see a new way forming... slowly.

We will see. I just don't know right now. It's been a hard time for me lately, but it seems I may find a way out.

Programming should be fun... not a career. Everything should be fun... even making houses or just the basic things you need to do to live. But really it's not. It's cut-throat and exploitative of other people and nature... nothing can get done without money. It's a horrible world out there. That's NOT fun. I cannot succeed in such an environment, so either the world changes so that I DO have a place to work in, or I work alone. There is no alternative.