What Happened To The Release?

So... releasing Jeebox weighed heavily on my mind.

I had to consider all sorts of different issues.

In the end... it seemed the weight of all sheer number of issues I had to consider... was too much. I was happier just not releasing Jeebox.

Jeebox has become a "personal project". I made the decision not to release... public on 28th Dec 2014...

However this isn't a bad thing. By focussing solely on what I need, I can spend more time on it. Progress is faster because of this.

Update (2017): I started working on a game, based on my programming-language speedie.
Update (2019): I realised I can't continue to do everything alone, even working on this game. I'm out of money, time and energy. I can't make a game be fun if I'm not having fun.

I hope I can work in gamedev for a company, instead of working on my own gamae.

In some ways I've accepted defeat. I think releasing my work would make things less sad. But I should only release if there's enough interest. I tried working on a release today and I just got stressed out, because I was doing it without anyone even being interested in a release.