So in this part of my website, I want to talk about more spiritual things, and how they fit within and are totally necessary for an artificial-intelligence to work.

We live within a spiritual-universe... regardless of how much humans ignore and deny this. Unless an AI contains a true-model for spiritual stuff... and is able to function on that level, it won't work...

Humans still work on a spiritual-level despite ignoring and denying it, much like cancer cells still "work" to exist within a healthy body, while denying the importance of the functions and behaviours of the healthy cells... Denying something doesn't mean you don't interact with it, and humans have all the abilities to interact with spiritual stuff, they just do it in a bad and damaging way, just like a cancer cell damages the body it is in.

I don't want to do that, though. I want to build something that is in-tune with and acknowledges the spiritual nature of reality. I want to act as a healthy-cell within a body... and so not act like a human.

As far as I'm aware... I'm working in terms of concepts that no one else on the planet is.

So anyhow, I'm keeping the articles on spiritual stuff within this "vision" part of the website... It makes sense to keep them only in this section.