Bad Energies

So... my Energy Boxes can describe both good and bad energies...

The "Bad" energies really are bad. There's no fun in them. This isn't like some computer game where you have "demons"... but don't worry! If you are a hero you can have an amazing adventure and defeat the demons!... nope. The bad energies are just bad. There is simply no fun in them, ever. So I don't want to put them in until the good energies can develop their own systems to keep bad energies out. Those bad energies can be "defeated" but even then... it's at a cost... there's no gain from them.

This isn't a game... this is to describe reality... the brutal and simply bad and wrong things. On the same note though... because it's NOT a game... it should help to improve reality.

Once the good energies in the system... are capable of keeping out bad energies in the system... then... it should help the good energy in real life, to keep out the bad energy in real life.

But we have to wait until the good energy is strong enough... only then introduce bad energies into the system.