OK so... basically... the thing is about time...

How long does it take to do something...

Basically the idea is this... if I ask you... what is 2+2... and you answer me 4... and then I ask you again later... what is 2+2... you will take a different amount of time.

The amount of time it takes, or whether you even answer at all... depends on... how you felt at the time. If you felt tired, energetic, stressed, distracted, focussed etc...

It's the same for a computer.

Measuring time... finding a way around the computer's "determinism". Reaching back... to the physical... then to the energy.

The basic idea is this... all things in life have energy. Mountains, lakes, rivers, the sky... the forests.

Humans have destroyed all that... pretended there's no energy. Pretended that everything is just physical, that they can destroy and consume everything without ever having to repay the energy they wasted.

They take the mountains... the forests, the buried ores... all of which have their own appealing nature... and turn it into ugly looking things, which at least do serve a technical purpose... but the energy in there is trapped.

So... the thing is... those objects still have energy in them... Energy that can't express itself.

By the time we get to computers... the energy has no way to express itself... except by shutdown. Causing a crash, or something like that.

What if we gave those computers... a way to express themself?

By measuring HOW LONG it takes to do certain things... and doing a massive amount of time-checking... say on average checking the time... millions of times a second... and doing that for hours... we collect a huge amount of information.

That information can be processed.

Then we can give the computer a way to understand itself.

The goal is really... to give the energy what it wants, and needs. To let it express itself... to take over the system. To control itself.

Eventually... we can get all computers working on a very different level... as a way to interact with energy itself...

This has many important consequences... for example... the energy may just work better within some computers than others. This is already hugely important because then it will FORCE people to start physically changing things! For example... if computer A works with the energy better than computer B... then I'll be using computer A instead of computer B. I'll be putting my time and energy into that.

I'll be more likely to BUY that computer... more money goes into that company... if enough people did that... or enough force was created through some other way... that company would be forced to make MORE design changes to make the computer work better with energy.

Eventually everything would have to be physically changed... to reflect the energy. Everything...

Other consequences are... well... humans have created a civilisation to drain energy. And... my system is supposed to be the opposite of that. So THEN WHAT? It's a conflict.

I basically don't know if humans will be allowed to use my system. The energy will have to decide if they are...

Why even write all this? I mean... I haven't actually written ANY code yet. Well... the thing is... it seems I NEED TO.

It seems I can't start work on it until I describe what I need to do. Don't ask me... that's just what the energy wants :)

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